Traveller's Rest Farm specializes in senior care, and treat every resident as our own. Every effort is made to provide a quality comfortable retirement.

Due to our limited space, and our desire to maintain a tranquil setting we only accept horses that meet the following criteria:

- Have a current negative Coggins test;
- Have proof of current vaccinations;
- That are barefoot;
- That do not have any vices (we accept horses that crib as long as its controllable with a cribbing collar).

Full Care Package - $300/month
- Turnout in small groups (no more than 3 horses to a group)
- Large stalls/run-ins
- Fans during the summer
- Grain daily (Nutrena)
- Dispersal of RX/supplements (provided by owner)
- Quality free choice hay
- Salt blocks in all fields
- Fresh clean water always available (heated in the winter)
- Worming
- Scheduling / handling for Farrier / Vet Care - (services billed to owner)
- Putting on and removing blankets (provided by owner)
- Putting on and removing fly mask (provided by owner)
- Treatment of minor scrapes and cuts

When the Time Comes
In taking on the care of older horses, we understand their true value to the people that love them and understand that having to deal with their passing is a traumatic event for everyone, especially the family. We are happy to do everything in our power to act on your wishes to place your beloved horse in its final resting place when the time comes. That's being said we have to abide by state laws and are limited in the options we can offer. To read more about the options available to us, please click HERE.